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Plastic Rings

Piper Plastics provides our high tech and diversified customer base with complete solutions to their engineering and finished component needs by combining their experience, engineering, material science, and technology to produce high quality plastic and metal parts that meet exact specifications.

Piper Plastics is recognized globally as the finest source available for high performance polymer materials and precision machined plastic components and assemblies.We are vertically integrated and have collaborative relationships with strategic suppliers to guarantee successful management of any aspect of your project.

Piper can help trim your project costs and lead times by streamlining services and reducing production costs.

Featured Material

Kyronmax Logo

The new KyronMAX™ series bridges the performance gap between components produced via standard injection molding compounds and pre-preg lay-up composite materials.

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Plastic Screw

Featured Industry

Jet Airplane


Piper Plastics has extensive experience designing and manufacturing components for the aerospace and defense industries. The environment of an aircraft interior is extremely demanding on materials with uncompromising standards for flammability, heat release, smoke generation and toxicity.

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