Engineering & Design


Technology and craftsmanship blend together at Piper. Successful completion of your finished products starts with a thorough understanding of your application. As part of our 'Total Package' customer service philosophy, Piper's design and engineering department offers full design and drawing review services for our customers at little or no cost. Our engineers have the industry experience to help design parts and conduct a comprehensive review for material selection, performance, manufacturability, and cost effective production.

Material Selection Assistance

  • Material selection for optimal performance and cost efficiency
  • Custom formulated materials for customer specific application
  • Reverse engineering and material identification


Design Assistance and Evaluation

  • Metal-to-plastic conversion expertise
  • Design plastic parts for ease of manufacturing and cost reduction
  • Structural failure consultation
  • Composite materials design assistance and education
  • Product testing recommendation
  • 100% critical part inspection and functional testing


FEA Structural Mold Flow Analysis - Computer-Aided Design

  • Part design assistance for optimal mechanical performance
  • Structure analysis for non-uniform properties due to fiber orientation
  • Design validation and optimization
  • Evaluate part stress and effects with various polymers
Put Piper's Engineering & Design department to the test and see why our engineering and design capabilities are fast becoming our most sought after service.